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KOLL & CIE. stands for over 150 years of experience in the manufacture of quality tools with a focus on saw blades. We are not just a supplier for our customers from industry and trade. Rather, we see ourselves as a partner in all matters – from product development to product range design and logistics. Because for us, quality also means trusting and constructive cooperation.

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Committed to quality.

The demands on a quality tool are high and are in the details. It is primarily the quality of the material, the technology, the workmanship and the advice that guarantee high-quality tools for long-term use.

Quality management is therefore an essential part of our corporate culture and a guarantee for a consistently high level of quality in series production. The high level of our quality assurance systems requires constant training of our employees. KOLL & CIE. manufactures according to DIN and CE standards and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.


In addition to an extensive standard program, we also supply customer-specific solutions. An overview.

So that you can run your maschines and facilities process optimized and with full productivity, you need saw blades that fulfill your manufacturing conditions perfectly.


Our woodworking saw blades are usable for all kind of woods, such as raw wood, glued wood, dried hard wood or soft wood or even thermowood. No matter which maschine is in use, we have the right blade for you!

Construction and firewood processing

Our blades belong to the most important tools at construction sites. Tough, long-lasting, convenient for all materials! Besides matured timbre and fresh wood the firewood-blades splits palettes with nails as well.

Panel board cutting

We produce blades that work especially delicate. This section of our product range includes the grooving cutter which grants the perfect cut to your outcome.

Plastics processing

In the area of plastics treatment we provide you saw blades that bear up the high material expectations. Our tools are carefully adjusted to your special manufacturing processes.

Aluminium treatment

In our product portfolio you will find carbide tipped-precision-circular saw blades for non-ferrous and aluminium processing for mitre- and sizing cutting in profile, plate, and block.

Steel processing

Treatment of steel is divers as woodworking. It is possible to cut profiles, sheets, material composites and solid material with our saw blades. The DryCutter is one of our most innovative products.

Carbide tipped saw blades

We manufacture HW-sawblades in dimensions of 80mm to 1000mm for a large application range.

Saw blades for food industry

Manufacturing saw blades for the food industry is challenging. The component parts need to meet the requirements of EU-decree 853/2004 of the European Parlament and Council. In such a way as to enable our customers to satisfy the tight requests for production and handling of food. Mostly we develope customized solution according to special dimensions and requirements. We would be pleased to do it for you too!

DryCutter saw blade

We set a new standard with our carbide tipped DryCutter. We effortlessly saw dry cut materials such as sandwich panels, structural steels, rust and acid-resistant metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics in pipes, profiles or solid materials.

  • shortest cutting times due to improved tooth geometry
  • burr-free cutting edge
  • thin-cutting technology
  • optimized tool life
  • excellent cutting quality
  • noise/vibration reducing laser technology

Thanks to our innovatively coordinated chip spaces, combined with a Vario cutting edge geometry and the “Next Generation” carbide type, the new Dry Cutter achieves a tool life that you have never achieved before.

Pipe cutting saw blades

Promised by many – we do it!

For this application in particular, you need reliable circular saw blades that have to be fast, robust and durable in their area of ​​application. With our highly wear-resistant, carbide-tipped pipe cutting saw blades, we combine:

  • fast cutting
  • minimizing flying sparks
  • thin kerfs
  • highly stressable body
  • best tool life even with extreme heat loads in the cutting process

Cylinder saws

When designing this type of circular saw blade, we set great value to stability, safety and cutting performance.

  • stable/solid saw body
  • optimized tooth numbers/tooth geometry
  • Carbide grades that allow us to cut even winter wood.
  • Suitable for power take-off and electric motor drive

With laser technology we can also influence the noise and vibration reduction.

Slope saws – brush cutters – helicopter saws

In the case of major challenges such as free-hanging branches, bushes at the height of the turf, tree growth on power lines and railroad tracks or pruning orchards, the units and the circular saw blades are repeatedly exposed to extreme loads. In close cooperation with manufacturers of such units, we have developed carbide-tipped circular saw blades for you, which make this type of free cutting possible in a safe, stable and reliable manner.


Nowadays just a few German manufactures offer this product. For well-known customers we produce hedgetrimmers in different dimensions. Our knives are installed into the machines of industrial partners and are mainly used by end customers in gardening.

Carbide reversible knives

In our program we have different knives for various milling tools and mounting systems that are used in wood and plastic processing.


We are one of the few manufactures that still produces these tools. Clamping systems are required to fix the planer knives in the planer. They have to be precisely matched to the knives and thus ensure the possibility of exchanging the knives and fixing them during use.

Full steel circular saw blades

This kind of saw blade is just suitable for woodworking. For simple and less delicate applications the full steel blades are a budget-priced alternative.


In the more powerful version mostly brushcutters, in the weaker ones called grass trimmers or lawn trimmers. A cutting tool for motorized equipment for mowing grass, herbaceous plants or woody scrub. If equipped with a circular saw blade, more powerful devices can also be used to separate smaller trees up to about seven centimeters in diameter. Mostly we produce these items customized.

Riving knifes

Riving knife are used on sawing machines to prevent the cut wood from running together again. The larger the saw blade, the more important it is to use a riving knife. The riving knife is an important safety factor when using a circular saw. It prevents that the saw blade sideslips and violates the user. Riving knives are usually a little thinner than the clamped saw blade so that no pressure can be exerted on the workpiece.


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